About Us


As a father and mother of triplet daughters, we believe that saving lives of babies is the most important and valuable thing in the world. When my triplet daughters were born, two months premature and with health difficulties, my main goal in life was to give them the best. Now, we would like to do the same thing for all other multiple-birth babies. We aim to save lives and prevent prematurity. When you purchase Bersuse products, you will be part of our community to save lives. 10% of our net profit will be donated to premature and multiple birth foundations.


My wife and I founded the company which is named after our daughters (Ber-Su-Se). First of all, we aim to offer the best quality Turkish towels which is also gentle enough for baby care. We produce with the highest standards to make sure that no harmful substances are used during the production process. We want you not only use our products but also love them. We also want you to be apart of our team ​to help premature babies and multiple birth families.


100% Turkish Cotton

Chemical free

Absorbent, lightweight, soft, quick dry

Very Durable

Unique Design

High standards of production

Great gift idea